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About Steve E.

I am a breaking news reporter for The Californian, covering courts and delicious bad news.  I get in at 6 a.m. and write about anything that happened overnight -- murder, bad crash, fire etc.
 Then I check in on the courts along with Steven Mayer and write about any salacious court story that we feel will contribute to the enjoyment of our readers.
I'm 59, been with the newspaper 29 years, been in journalism 38 years, mostly covering crime, gore, human misery, tragedy and smut.
I've worked in the Bay Area and San Luis Obispo. I've lived in Washington, Texas, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
I play golf, softball, tennis and other sports. I love to camp, fish and backpack.
I have two children -- Todd, a newspaper photographer in Klamath Falls; Kara, a corporate communications writer for Microsoft in Seattle in the X-box division..
I got married in 2006 on a cruise to Alaska. Her name was Mary Smith (really), but is now Mary Swenson. She has a precocious daughter, Lori, who attends Bakersfield College. Mary is the district claims manager for the State Compensation Insurance Fund.
We like to watch movies, dance and attend various entertainment events. We also like to cuddle. I root for the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Mariners.
I am the union president at work,  and the coffee czar in the newsroom.
I believe in hard work, spiritual development, fun and loud laughter.

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Real Name:Steve E. Swenson
PO Bin 440
Bakersfield, Ca 93302
Date of Birth:January 03, 1949
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On Sunday my wife, Mary, and I took a little trip to Glennville to have lunch at what we thought would be the Crazy... Read More >>
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View Comment Posted February 26, 2011
I agree with JohnTaylor on this one.
View Comment Posted February 25, 2011
John,     How this really works is the paper prints news releases it gets from police an fire... Read More >>
View Comment Posted February 03, 2011
Yes, Savvy. I know all that. But there's a new context now because voters will have a choice of extending the tax or... Read More >>

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View Comment Posted January 12, 2011
steve., Couldn't believe how many pages back I had to go to check for an answer. Thank you for doing so! Don't know... Read More >>
View Comment Posted January 12, 2011
Did they get that MTBE problem cleared up in Glennville? I remember they were having to truck water in for the... Read More >>
View Comment Posted January 12, 2011
Darn! 

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Mon Nov 26, 2007 19:06:57 PST
Hi Steve, Thanks for your comments I live on the east coast,but God directed me to Bakersfield, To all of you wonderfull people ===John
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