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Bakersfield Sister City Visits Queretaro, Mexico
By: Jesus Garcia - Member Sister City Committee

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Posted by suestone Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:53:55 PDT
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For Immediate Release

Bakersfield Sister City Project Corp                    Bakersfield-Santiago de Querétaro Sister City Committee Office of the Mayor, Bakersfield                        
Susan Stone, President                                     Email:
Phone: (661) 487-6239
“Querétaro - Be prepared to be amazed.”
A delegation from Bakersfield- Santiago de Querétaro is in Queretaro, Mexico this week to commemorate the Bi-Centennial of Mexico´s independence and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution that also coincided with 5th anniversary of the Bakersfield - Querétaro Sister City affiliation.
                During a visit to the office of the Mayor of Queretaro, the members of the delegation were invited to document this special occasion by signing the Book of Distinction. Susan Stone, President of the Bakersfield Sister City board remarked how the warning sent by the Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, wife of Miguel Domínguez "Corregidor" (a magistrate) in the city of Querétaro, to  Querétaro resident and co-conspirator Father Hidalgo is similar to the message begun by Paul Revere that British troops sought to arrest leaders of the American rebels.  The courageous actions of La Corregidora led to the Grito de Dolores that was the battle cry for the Independence movement. For this and other actions Querétaro is known as the cradle of Mexican Independence.
                Bakersfield artist, Jorge Guillen presented a commissioned original art piece to the City of Queretaro. The painting titled “La Revolucion de Culturismo Urbano: 2010” embodies the partnership between the two cities and their respective symbols of welcome– the arches of Queretaro´s Aqueduct and the Bakersfield sign. Centered in the painting is a young eagle that artist Guillen says “symbolizes our cities new and rich future.”
                As our delegation toured the historic city of Queretaro and gazed with awe at the specially illuminated Aqueduct, fanciful papier mache creatures created for the Bi-Centennial and other wonders of the city  Jesus Garcia, co-chairman of the delegation was inspired to exclaim, “We should adopt as the motto for this trip “Querétaro - Be prepared to be amazed.”
The purpose of this Sister City visit is to further cultural, educational, municipal, business, professional and exchanges between “sisters.” Over the last fifty years Bakersfield has fostered such relationships with other cities such as Wakayama City, Japan, the Partisan District of Minsk, Republic of Belerus, Cixi China, Bucheon, South Korea.         
As part of an International Friendship Walk at Mill Creek-Central Park, the city of Bakersfield is constructing a garden pavilion honoring the city of Santiago de Queretaro. The pavilion will feature an arched trellis echoing Queretaro´s Aqueduct, as well as appropriate landscaping and other features.  At the completion of the pavilion an invitation will be extended to  the Mayor and citizens of Queretaro to attend the dedication ceremony.
Susan Stone, President,  Jesus Garcia Bakersfield-Santiago de Querétaro Sister City Committee or artist, Jorge Guillen  are available for telephone or email interviews.
Email: or or
Phone: (661) 487-6239 Leave telephone message La Casa Marquesa Hotel 011 52 (442) 227 0500
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