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Green Gardens celebrates staff
By: J.D. Harris

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Posted by citizenjournalist Mon Jun 25, 2007 16:06:48 PDT
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Greetings from Green Gardens.

As I've told readers before, Green Gardens apartment complex is a partnership between Golden Empire Affordable Housing, Kern County Housing Authority, and Kern Linkage, a division of Kern Mental Health. Green Gardens was created so people with mental disabilities could have a safe, secure home.

On Wednesday, June 20, we held our second annual Staff Appreciation Barbecue and Awards Ceremony. Mayor Harvey Hall graced us with his presence for the second year in a row. I can always depend on Mayor Hall.

Congressman Jim Costa was represented, as well as Senator Roy Ashburn, Senator Dean Florez, Assemblywoman Nicole Parra, Assemblywoman Jean Fuller and Kern County Supervisor Michael Rubio. I want all elected officials to know we here at Green Gardens are grateful for their support.

I also want to thank our corporate sponsors: Vons on White Lane, Ranch Market on South H Street, Wal-Mart on White Lane, Mervyn's, and K-Mart on Wible Road. They made generous donations. We could not have held this event without them.

The tenants of Green Gardens voted to honor rental manager Linda Pearson as Staff Member of the Year for 2007. She received a plaque.

The reason the tenants honor the staff at Green Gardens is without them life would be much harder for us. The staff has a van and they take us grocery shopping twice a week. They also take us on social outings. They bring Gleaners to us every Tuesday. They take many tenants to their doctor appointments.

The rental manager has the maintenance men do any repairs that we might need. The mental health staff provide one-on-one counseling as well as group sessions. Green Gardens keeps the grounds beautiful. We have night security. They have no tolerance for drugs and alcohol.

Green Gardens is a safe and secure place to live. I've been here for three years and I love it. With the Section 8 housing I have most of my check to buy the things I need and want. Green Gardens is a 5-star apartment complex. If you have a mental illness, I encourage you to come to Green Gardens and apply.

As the founder and host of this event, I'm pleased that it gets bigger and better every year.

I want to give special thanks to the following people: Diane Koditek, director of Kern County Mental Health; Bill Drakous, director of Kern Linkage; Linda Proudfoot, of Golden Empire Affordable Housing; and Linda Bonham of the Kern County Housing Authority. I want to say thanks for giving such a wonderful home. I think that goes for my fellow tenants as well.

Last, but not least, thanks to Gina Hayden, marketing manager for Golden Empire Transit. We here at Green Gardens depend on the GET bus each and every day. I will take nine months off, then I will start work on the 2008 event. Thanks Kern County.
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